About Us

“Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Ezy Pzy.
Ezy Pzy who?
Ezy Pzy, lemon squeezy!”

Our Mission:

In a constantly evolving world-class education system where reading forms an integral part of a child’s academic journey, we strive to provide a platform where children are equipped with the necessary tools to kick start early literacy in a FUN, EFFECTIVE and ENGAGING manner.

The Co-Founders

Ezy Pzy is the brainchild of two Singaporeans with very different expertise, yet similar viewpoints about the importance of early literacy in every child’s pursuit of academic excellence.

Arie: Mother of 1 and highly-qualified phonics educator with years of experience under her belt, who has been struggling to find that one perfect phonics school for her preschooler.

Med: Father of 4 and an ambitious entrepreneur himself who strongly believes that the education industry is the most lucrative and gratifying business.

And so it begins…

What started out as a casual conversation over coffee one evening blossomed into a full-blown quest for a phonics school with a systematic and structured curriculum that did not compromise on the FUN aspect of learning. The school had to accommodate children’s different learning styles – whether visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Through their experiences with their own children, Med and Arie knew that a solid phonics foundation was vital in providing children with the tools needed to decode and read any word confidently.

With increased confidence and motivation to read, the child’s comprehension, fluency, pronunciation and spelling would also improve significantly.

The result? A natural transition from learning to read, to reading to learn!

With this in mind (and many more late-night coffee sessions later), Ezy Pzy was born.